Fides International Services, international services department of Dadyar Safir Mana Legal Institute with Registration No.5307, accomplish legal, immigration, international recruitment and study abroad services with its specialized and experienced group of attorneys, university professors and professional immigration experts, by accepting its client’s advocacy in valid countries.

Fides is the first specialized institute in internationally legal affairs in Mashhad, which provides advocacy services in the fields of citizenship, permanent residence and temporary residence in various countries, including Canada, Australia and European countries such as Sweden, Germany and etc., and also it provides advocacy in international recruitment in various countries, including the Arabic countries of the Persian Gulf, as well as advocacy in obtaining admission and student visas in all levels of education from schools, colleges and universities around the world and is proud for having academic staff including university professors, attorneys and publicists inside and outside the country to simplify international legal affairs for Iranians around the world. Fides is a professional knowledge-based institute in international affairs and does not act as an intermediary. Fides has the most reputable and licensed attorneys who are among the most specialized and experienced people in the field of international affairs in their team. Fides is honored to have specialized university professors at PhD level in international law and international law courses private international law courses on the subject of citizenship, permanent residence and temporary residence in its team. Fides utilizes licensed attorneys and consultants in destination countries and international experts in international recruitment job search and study abroad and visa process. Fides has an experienced support team that answers all of their clients' questions all day, in full week. Fides is an organization which frequently reviews and checks all cases by relevant experts and attorneys to prevent any human error.


What do we do?

Fides accepts complete or partial advocacy of the applicants in all permanent and temporary residence programs, in case they have the necessary and sufficient conditions. The most crucial steps in applying for permanent and temporary residence programs are as following:


  • Provide correct, update, accurate and legal advice for choosing the best country and program
  • Provide up-to-date and documented required information and checklist of documents to the clients in all streams
  • Support the client to simplify the collection of documents and provide the required questionnaires in Persian to the client for collecting their information in the application
  • Write all the required texts for the client, including: CV, About Me, Statement of Purpose, Motivation Letter, Recommendation Letter, Communication Letter, Explanation Letters
  • Writing Business Plan, Market Analysis and Financial Plan for entrepreneurship streams in other countries.
  • Writing legalized forms of application package
  • Acquiring exhibition invitation or specialized commercial invitation for the client in case of requirement and do all the related affairs for becoming a member in associations or specialized organizations relevant to the client’s profession field
  • Evaluating educational and professional documents in recognized authorities of the destined country, registering in schools, colleges, and universities or corresponding with university professors for receiving PhD positions with scholarship
  • Stating client’s request in embassy or immigration office of the destined country for making an appointment in the embassy
  • Accompanying client in the destined country in case of need
  • Introducing best foreign investment opportunities like buying property and doing the legal process of acquiring the citizenship/ residency after making an investment
Soroush Moezzi
General Manager
  • Founder of Dadyar Safir Mana Legal Institute since 2017 up to now
  • Professor of Islamic Azad University, Mashhad branch, international department (lecturing courses of private international law, public international law, law of international organizations and legal texts in English)
  • Ministry of Science, Research and Technology authorized legal consultant
  • Having official permit of international job recruitment from Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor, and Social Welfare
  • Document translator and official member of National Association of Judiciary Interpreters & Translators
  • PhD Scholar of international law
  • Ma of international law
  • Ma of international trade law

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